Culture Fabrics

Although we organise the fabrics geographically, the place the fabric is connected with is not always unambiguous. Most of the African fabrics on this site are very popular in West Africa, but are designed and produced by Vlisco in Helmond, the Netherlands. The Hindelopia fabrics are inspired by the sits pattern, designed by Atelier Glashouwer in Hindeloopen, the Netherlands, produced by a company in Denmark, manufactured by a company in Korea, distributed by a company in Limburg and then now sold again by a company in Utrecht. Are you still with us?

For centuries we have been inspired by fabrics and materials that we find beautiful in other cultures and incorporate in our own fashion.

New fabrics will be added to the Tale Traders’ collection regularly.

The fabrics can be viewed and purchased through markets and house sales. The sales calendar can be found on the homepage. If you want to see the fabrics at a different time, please contact us .

The Netherlands

The woven cotton fabrics are produced in the Netherlands and come from the Dutch folklore tradition. They are made in limited runs, but production is still alive, even though not many women in the Netherlands are still wearing their traditional costumes.

The Hindelopia fabrics were designed by Atelier Glashouwer from the picturesque Frisian Hindeloopen, once a town on the Zuiderzee where plenty of trade was done and the hand painted sits fabrics from India were favourite with the chic ladies. Glashouwer has found his inspiration in this sits pattern.


Although it says Africa above this piece of text, the Vlisco and the Julius Holland fabrics are designed, produced and distributed in the Netherlands. However, the largest market is in Africa and with the African diaspora. The fabrics have beautiful designs and are of excellent quality.

Will the Dutch dare to embrace these designs?


This cork is harvested from the cork tree in Spain and processed there to flexible cork – a thin layer of cork is glued onto cotton. The material is very easy to work with using a normal sewing machine and great to make baskets or pencil cases, for example.