The products on this page can be purchased through markets and informal home sales. The sales calendar can be found on the homepage.

Goat leather boxes

The goat leather boxes are handmade in Benin.

Small 19,50 euro
Large 39,50 euro


These baskets are handmade in Ghana.

Small 24,50 euro
Medium 49,50 euro

Frames for weaving

With the frames you can weave coasters or placemats yourself from fabric you have left or from a worn tablecloth. Recycle it!

Frame large 17,50 euro
Frame small 12,50 euro
Coaster 5 euros

Whalers' hats

Every whaler had his own hand-knitted woollen cap and so do the customers of Tale Traders!

10 euros per cap

Baskets of fabric from Tale Traders

These are examples of what you can do with Tale Traders’ fabrics. If you do not want to make them yourself, there are a few copies for sale.

Cork 8,50 euro
Volendam fabric 9,50 euro