Leontien de Bekker

In 2006 I started as a first degree English teacher in secondary and higher education. Before that, I worked in several positions within various organizations. From 2010 to 2015 I trained English teachers at the Universidade Pedagógica in Maxixe, Mozambique. This period has given a lot of insight into learning a new language (I had to learn Portuguese myself) and recognizing and dealing with cultural differences.

Trainer / coach / assessor English
After returning from Mozambique I made the transition to freelance trainer and I now work via various language institutes as an assessor English on secondary vocational training, within companies, with groups and with individual candidates. I am a first degree level qualified English teacher and certified language assessor English.

My starting point in training is to let students themselves be at the helm of their learning process. Through feedback and relevant assignments they will improve their communication in English.

Culture Fabrics
After returning from Mozambique I also went into the fabric trade. I focus on fabrics from cultural traditions such as African fabrics and fabrics from Dutch folklore. On this website you can find more about it.

Community Centre Rosa

Located in a former Catholic elementary school in the Lombok district of Utrecht West, Community Centre Rosa is now in use as an activity centre for the West district. The building is accessible for disabled people and can easily be reached by public transport. The centre is located near the former St. Antonius Church in the Kanaalstraat, since September 2018 the City monastery Utrecht – Room for attention and reflection. In 2019, the Anthony Hotel opened its doors in a former convent across the street.