The rich couple

Once upon a time, there was a poor couple living in a region far from town. The man was a hunter and his wife was a peasant. The man used to sell meat of hunted animals as a way to get money for his family.                              

One day, while he was selling in the market, a great entrepreneur appeared and invited the hunter to work in his company in town. The hunter replied that he would go if his wife accepted. So, the entrepreneur decided to talk to the hunter’s wife and she agreed to the idea. Days later, the couple moved to the city where the company was in which the hunter would work.                                   

There, the hunter showed everything he knew about preparing and conserving the meat. He was an active worker during that time. Impressed by his intelligence, the entrepreneur put him as a manager of the company and all positions of the company were under his control. The company grew and wages of employees increased. Thus, the couple’s life began to improve and the manager built a large house that stirred the attention of the residents of that region. He also built large shops that met almost all the needs of the people of that city. The shops enriched the couple and money was not a problem. The wife of the manager began to think to herself: “If I kill my husband, all this can be in my hands.” Then, she decided to contact a group of assassins to kill her husband. She promised that they would get money after finishing the job. The killers surrounded the manager and tried to kill him. But at that time, the police appeared and they ran away. The police followed the assassins and caught them. The killers confessed that the wife of the hunter had sent them. The hunter decided to break the relation with his wife and married another. Years later he got children with her. The police took the woman who had tried to murder her husband to court and after judgment she was put in jail.       

Written by Anselmo Sebastião Muvale     

Anselmo studied English at the Universidade Pedagógica in Maxixe, Mozambique