The mysterious lovers

Once upon a time, there was a rich farmer who lived in the outskirts of a large city. He got almost everything that anybody would need: cars, horses, large farms and more. He was married and he had a son named Txiganhe.                                               

Two years later, the farmer fell in love with his slave, a girl with a very beautiful body that made all the men of that city crazy. He used to spend nights with the slave while his wife was travelling. He told the slave to keep secret all that was happening during all the nights. But, the problems did not sleep on the way. Two months later, the slave realized that she was pregnant from her boss. She was dead scared because she didn’t know what would happen if the boss’s wife knew.               

When all the slaves heard about that situation, they kept in silence. But one of them told the farmer’s wife what had happened. She decided to put the pregnant slave in jail.

After a few months the slave was freed and soon she gave birth to a beautiful girl and everyone loved the child.

After a year, the mother of the poor girl died. The little girl grew up on that farm block and she was treated also as a slave. The girl had a pure heart. No one on that farm block was allowed to tell the poor girl who was her real father. It was also not allowed to inform Txiganhe that the poor girl was his sister.  

The time passed and something unexpected happened: Txiganhe did not resist the beauty of the poor girl. He dated the girl and she agreed to the relationship. Months later, the girl was pregnant. The farmer asked the girl who had done that and she replied it was Txiganhe, the farmer’s son. The farmer cried and then he called his son.                                  

“I am sorry my children,” cried the farmer. “What?” cried Txiganhe and the poor girl. “You are both my children. You should not have done that,” the farmer cried while he was explaining the situation.                                         

The two children wet their clothes crying and they decided to take revenge on their father. Since that day, they loved each other not as lovers but as children of the same father.

Written by Anselmo Sebastião Muvale    

Anselmo studied English at the Universidade Pedagógica in Maxixe, Mozambique