African tales: how animals got their names

David Messias is an English student at Universidade Pedagogica in Maxixe, Mozambique. The story African tales: how animals got their names is the second in a series of stories called Let it Be. Let it Be because David was told he might not succeed in writing stories. Although he had doubts himself, David decided to let it be and see what would happen.

The origins of the animals’ names are explained in different ways. It is very interesting to read about those curiosities. As a starting point, we are going to have the background of the name  donkey which carries unexpected mysteries.

Once upon a time the king lion decided to distribute tasks to each subject of the kingdom. To the donkey was set the mission of fetching water. When he went for the first time, the containers were not full so the king sent him back. Again, the containers were not full. The question was why he was bringing halves. The answer was simple, it was because he was running along the way. The king was so frustrated that he yelled, “You are a donkey!”, and from that day up to now he is called donkey.

Then we have the dogs. It is believed that God had grouped all the animals and named them. As in all activities there is always the first step and in this occasion the first being named were those siting in the front line. They passed before God and were all named except ‘the unknown’ (dogs), they didn’t know that God was looking for the cutest name for them when suddenly they shouted, “What about us who did not receive a name? It means that we are dogs?” To punish them He replied, “You have chosen your names so you will be dogs.”

                                                                                                                By David Messias