The Two Brothers and the Girlfriend

Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful girl who lived in a small town. Her name was Anna and she was very fond of walking in the town during the day as well as the night. One day, while Anna was walking, she met a boy named Mbilo who was also walking in the small town. As the girl’s beauty was irresistible, the boy decided to chat with the beautiful girl.

‘Hello baby, I am delighted to see you with all your gorgeous polish,’ said the boy showing his white teeth. ‘Hello, my dear,’ replied the girl. ‘Sorry!’ said the boy. ‘I am new in this town but I would like to know the best places here. Can you do me a favor?’ ‘Yes,’ smiled the girl. ‘I am living here and I will show you where you want.’ And so the conversation started.

After a long conversation, the boy decided to date the beautiful girl. And like anyone else who cannot resist a good heart, Anna accepted the request. Then they agreed to meet at 7 o’clock the next evening for the first kiss. The boy returned home and the girl did the same. On the morning of the following day while Anna was going to school, she met another guy who also could not resist her beauty. He decided to ask her love. The boy promised to offer his love and happiness.

The girl agreed. The boy asked her to suggest the time of the first kiss. The 7 o’clock was chosen. The boy went back home with his heart full of joy. But who was this second man? He was Mbilo’s brother, the first guy who fell in love because of Anna. Mbilo told his brother everything that had happened in the city. The brother also didn’t hide what had happened to him.

At 6 o’clock, the two brothers prepared themselves to go to town to meet their girlfriends. To avoid delays, the two brothers arrived five minutes before the agreed time. At 7 o’clock, they got a very big surprise – the girl that Mbilo and his brother were waiting for was the same! The girl was embarrassed when she realized that the two boys were brothers and she decided to get away from that place and she never wanted to see those two guys anymore.

Written by Anselmo Sebastião Muvale

Anselmo studied English and Portuguese at the Universidade Pedagógica in Maxixe, Mozambique